The kids know my food stamps got cut off because when they came home from school today, they didn’t have their snacks. So they know that I didn’t go to the market. I really didn’t tell them why or anything like that, because I don’t think they understand. But it affected them.  MOM of 3 children


I’ve been to food pantries. Sometimes the food is good and sometimes it’s not. The day that I went the food wasn’t that good. Some of the things were, but some of the things were outdated. I was kind of nervous going in at first, but I went in and went into smiling faces. They didn’t make me feel bad because I was there for food. It was an experience. DAD of 1 child

 I might be a person in need of some of this stuff, but when you’re in need you can also give back. I wouldn’t ever take if I didn’t need, and so I give back through volunteering. GRANDMA caring for 4 children 

That is the thing. It is not from lack of trying. Families try to hard to balance it all.  In this Week of giving thing about No Kid Hungry