Sweet Swine O' Mine Rub and Sauce

Sweet Swine O’ Mine Sauce and Rub

We were in the middle of our 10th competition this year when I suddenly fell to the ground and passes out.  The contest organizers called me an ambulance my husband shut down his pits. When a local fire fighter at the event jumped in and said NO he would cook for us.  We had packed the Sweet ... read more

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2 Jerks BBQ Raynham, MA

I tried this new BBQ joint  called 2 Jerks BBQ in July 2015  and was impressed by the size, and decor of the restaurant. Nicely done and plenty of space . The restaurant was full and we chose the bar to be seated in a more timely fashion. With in 10 min there was not a seat open in the house . ... read more

Enjoy Life Foods Brownies

Enjoy Life Foods Baking Mixes #tothefullest

Imagine a world where you can't have eggs, milk, soy or even gluten. Now imagine a world where you can't have pizza, cakes, cookies and most snack foods.  Most of you unless you have an allergy or intolerance are shaking your head saying NO WAY.  Those with allergies are saying I understand this all ... read more

Brookline Fire Department

Brookline Fire Department: BBQ sent me to the ER

When you last left my story I was not feeling well and feeling sweaty at a BBQ Cook Off to support  the Brookline Fire Department. My husband got the Brookline Fire Department who were all around us because it was their event.   …… Jessica an AMT (Assign Medical Transport) came over and did a body ... read more

Brookline Fire Department

Brookline Fire Department: BBQ sent me to the ER part 1

BBQ is something that we love and do almost every weekend from March to November.  From pork butts to ribs and chicken wings and brisket. We fire up our smokers rain or shine.  You can smell the charcoal and wood every weekend with it snows and in the summer humid heat. BBQ is something do to ... read more


Canyon Bakehouse ends search for gluten free bagels

A few years ago it seemed hopeless that we’d ever see a good gluten free bagel. We dared not dream for a GREAT gluten free bagel. Well, Canyon Bakehouse bagels are even better than that- they’re awesome! These bagels are enormous and light and airy, with a traditional chewy bagel outer crust. If ... read more