It’s Not Just Any Golf Camp – It’s the PGA Junior Golf Camps.

It's Not Just Any Golf Camp - It's the PGA Junior Golf Camps. New this summer, juniors can now learn from the leaders in golf instruction - the PGA of America. With programs designed for beginners through advanced players, each camp is taught in a nurturing, safe, and supportive environment where … [Read More...]

@BestBuy #AMDFX

Best Buy @BestBuy #AMDFX HP Envy Touchsmart Laptop

Being a teacher an a mom of boys I am a huge gaming and technology fan. I mean why wouldn't I be.  Best Buy is my only stop for all these educational and gaming needs. They keep up to date on products and have amazing GEEK Squad protection to keep me going an current. Are you passionate … [Read More...]

Online dating

Online Dating…. The night I pressed yes

 Online Dating..... The night I pressed yes The night started online dating I was in my college dorm room. I lived in a quad apartment with 4 single bedrooms. We had a great team of girls living there. We would always leave our bedroom doors open.  One of my friends shouted hey guys try this … [Read More...]


Sloggers Made in the USA

It can be frustrating for us gardeners to enjoy a relaxing day of tilling our flowerbeds and vegetable gardens, only to find that our shoes are a mess. Worse, sometimes they could be so badly beaten that they are no longer wearable. That's where these Sloggers Women's Rain and Garden Shoes come in. … [Read More...]


The Go Lunch Tote Bag #Hydracentials

I bring a lunch to work almost every day and have tried various types and sizes. I'm at a point when I really know what I want, a light lunch carrier that can hold my lunch and snacks that I can attach to my backpack and store in my backpack when I'm done. Am I asking too much? When I found the The … [Read More...]


My Carry Potty and Book Review #pottytraining

My Carry Potty I have tried several potties and we had issues with most of them.  Potty training twins is not very easy. I like to have 2 and they cost so much.  The huge selling point of the My Carry Potty  is the price. and ease of use. The My Carry Potty  is one piece AND you can travel with … [Read More...]

playground mom

Playground Mom ~ What one are you ?

The slide, the swing and the see-saw all a places for kids to explore and play. You see groups of moms setting up shop in the bench and you are left looking around going OH BOY! What did I get myself into. Did I pick the right park?  As you read can you figure out what type of  the playground mom … [Read More...]


Double Crust Pizza Pie

Today is Marathon Monday  or Patriots Day in Massacsusets .   We were rocked 2 years ago by the bombing and this rainy Monday we stayed home . When my 5 year old asked to make pizza I was a bit at a loss.  I didn't have any pizza dough and no yeast to make it.   I did have 2 Pillsbury Pie Crusts, Go … [Read More...]


Nature’s Time #endbullying #Time4Compassion

What if you could buy a product for Dads or Graduated that supported anit-bullying ?  What if it was a durable product that could be bought for men or woman?  What if it was at a price that was under $100?You would tell me it doesn't exist and I would show you the power and timeless time pieces … [Read More...]


Delux Dry disposable absorbent pads

I was sent a large packages in Delux Dry disposable absorbent pads to test in my home. For years we have had to use disposable absorbent pads due to a some medical needs Pat-man has. We have never been fully happy with the pads we have tried in the past. For the post part other disposable absorbent … [Read More...]