Probiotic for my busy life with Number One Nutrition

I am a teacher and being down for the count is not a good thing. After a recent bout of food poisoning that not only landed me in the hospital, but resulted in recurring digestive issues.  I became motivated to get my gut in shape. I've tried many probiotics in the past that either had little effect … [Read More...]

free teacher apps

10 Free Apps Teachers Use

What are the best free apps teachers use and why do they use them? The struggle is not using the technology but what ones are the best for your teaching needs.   So often in the classroom we want an app that can help us and our students. Once you download the app you learn about added costs or it … [Read More...]

stomach bug and flu

Top 10 stomach bug treatments you can do at home

   I got to thinking what are the top 10 stomach bug treatments  you can do at home that we use in the Fuggs and Foach house. We have hit defcon 5  in my house  3 men down with the stomach bug. First Pat-man when down, I woke him up Wednesday morning  and he had thrown up all over his bed and … [Read More...]

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10 camping needs you never thought of

 I may accept forms of cash advertising, or sponsorship. Links you click in this post may be part of that advertisement or sponsorship. We are regular campers. You never think about what you truly need. Below are  10 Items you need for Camping and didn't know .  We cover everything from cooking to … [Read More...]


Cajun Bandit 22.5″ Stacker

The Cajun Bandit 22.5" Stacker is a low cost alternative to the Weber Smokey Mountain (WSM).  As a BBQ cook off team  we have a WSM 22.5" and compete on it. We were lucky enough to save for it. It was over $400 but worth the money . As we attend more compitions further away from New England was … [Read More...]


Cajun Bandit 18.5″ Rotisserie

BBQ is done low and slow over a flame or coals.  BBQ is far and wide known as primal cooking .but also something that can be done in the backyard on a weekend for some fun.  You can then be as passionate as we are about BBQ that you find new ways to do BBQ.  Cajun Bandit 18.5" Rotisserie  offers BBQ … [Read More...]


Heroin….. What did I learned?

This time last year Mr. Fuggs and Foach was brought to the hospital for a medical concern. While we were there 3 Heroin OD's came in and one was right next to us in the curtain area.  This was in less than 3 hours. We heard the protocol for the Heroin OD. We heard about Narcan and what next steps … [Read More...]

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RampShot- The Next Big Thing in Outdoor Games

We do BBQ competions almost every weekend during the summer. Most of the time it is like having a giant tale gate party and at night we have some down time when were are not cooking.   I am rather board with some of the games I have been playing mainly because they are all the same and I have to … [Read More...]

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ThermoPop the cost effective Thermapen

Many years ago we bought a Splashproof Thermapen when we started our BBQ cook off team. We know we were getting the best but really didn't want to spend $99.00 on a thermometer.  We know it is the  Cadillac of thermometers with a huge, easy-to-read display, simple button-free operation, great … [Read More...]


Appetite Suppressants by Omega Soul

Appetite Suppressant by Omega Soul Appetite Suppressants are never anything I thought I would take. I just figured I would work out and eat better and I would loose weight. I did some reading about Appetite Suppressant by Omega Soul and I found they have a great rating and also really do seem to … [Read More...]