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Libre Tea Glass Black Brush @libretea

Just like the 'little black dress' that goes everywhere so does our new Black trimmed LIbre tea glass. Its serene and delicate pattern of light brush strokes and small clusters of pale blossoms invites you into a tea moment every time you gaze at it. And now truly, a tea moment with basic black - … [Read More...]


@Tomy_Toy Pop Up Pirate #review #familygamenight

TOMY Super Pop Up Pirate Toy is the hottest new toy from TOMY TOYS. This game is easy to learn and fun for the whole family . The game is so simple to learn my 4 year old played it with out me while I was reading the instructions. Push the pirate down into the barrel until he locks into … [Read More...]

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~  Facebook   ~  Twitter  ~   Google+   We are a huge fan of a BBQ sauce that is smooth and rich . The Desperado BBQ Sauce does both that. They offer a rich smooth flavor. We felt it was best used for pulled pork but did also perform well on whole chicken and wings.It is not often we get to speak … [Read More...]

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Supports for family with #Autism and much more @FunandFunction

A lovely company called Fun and Function  has decided to work with Fuggs and Foach on a review of the chewable products. Most often children with Autism have sensory needs. Of the most common is Chewing on things to gain that sensory input. The people at Fun and Function KNOW kids and KNOW … [Read More...]


Sensi-Stop kit #sponsored #review

I am a HUGE coffee drinker at least 2-3 cups a day. I do brush and floss 2 times a day but I know the coffee often changes the color of my teeth.  I also have sensitive teeth .  I don't want to stop having to enjoy things like coffee ice cream and chocolate. I mean I am a Teacher. That is part of my … [Read More...]

Holiday Gifts for a Teacher

The holiday is fast approaching. SO many gifts to buy and often people think to send one to a teacher. As a teacher I NEVER expect a gift.  We are so thankful someone has though of us. We often feel it is a waste as we think we should be giving you and your student a gift. BUT there are times we … [Read More...]


How to buy a car in 2 hours or less? @kia @RouteSixKia #madeinnewengland

My husband drives many miles to work and and he hates New England snowstorms. We want to trade our 3 year old car in. It was paid off so for a few winters we tried to deal with the snow storms. Each storm Tom would come home and say, I need a new car. I don't like my car  in the snow. With the new … [Read More...]


$50 Kmart Gift Card for @shopyourway #giveaway #sweeps ends 8/22

Welcome to the $50 Winner's Choice Gift Card Giveaway! We have joined up with a few other awesome bloggers to bring you this super fun $50 Sears/Kmart gift card giveaway! We are going to be running a TON of these giveaways to introduce ourselves as Personal Shoppers! With holiday shopping right … [Read More...]


King Richards Faire #madeinnewengland #renfaire @KRFaire in the @projo #FallBracket

  235 Main St. Route 58 Carver, MA 02330 (508) 866-5391 Before you start reading.... I want you to think. Is this the TOP Fall Event!  If you think so go For a back to school treat I suggest going to King Richard's Faire in Carver, … [Read More...]


@LeapFrog Leap Band physical fittness and fun

    Being a teacher fitness is key to learning. But sadly there is less and less time to have our kids be active. Often families can't spend the money to do a sport or have the time to leave work to get to a fitness class. What is even worse is often while on the go a candy bar or … [Read More...]