Back to School Savings for NECN

There’s only one week left before back to school and most teachers have posted school supply lists. You probably feel like your houses, as well as your wallets, are going to be empty in less than a week! What can you do to empty the house and NOT the wallet? I am here to help you with back to school ... read more


CoolerMate Insert no more soggy coolers

Going to BBQ cook offs means we have tons of things to stay cool. We like to only pack 2 coolers.  One would have our meat and the other one would have our needed items to perp, box and present.   As everyone knows when you add ice you now have less space. The problem is ice is a necessary evil to ... read more

Guiding Boxes

Guiding Boxes: The Day I Chased Mail Truck

Guiding Boxes: The Day I Chased Mail Truck Friday this week right before I left my day job I was asked if I could go to the post office to return an item we didn't need at my work place. This is something that was simple to do an on the way home from my office. I arrive at the post ... read more


Chobani White BBQ Sauce

Sometimes while cooking you want to stay healthy but have a zip of flavor. We know the Chobani Yogurt gives us  healthy spin and a nice flavor in our White BBQ Sauce Chobani White BBQ Sauce 1/2 cup Chobani Plain Yogurt 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice 1/4 cup cider vinegar 2 Tbls white ... read more

inside  Talus Highroad Kids Large Food N' Fun Seat Organize

High Road Kids Large Food’nFun Seat Organizer

In my family alhe 2 things that are always mess with 3 boys or men in the house is the bathroom and the car.   Since the bathroom is a never ending battle I went on a mission to take back my car. I always seem to struggle to keep things organized in my car, so I was excited to try out this car ... read more


Looq System LED Light and Watch

Looq has been know for their quality selfie sticks for a while now. They have just broke grounds on 2 amazing products. The Looq System LED light and the Looq System Blootooth watch. When I got an email from Looq saying they had new products I was not only excited to try them I knew they would be ... read more