$50 Paypal giveaway

I LOVE being a personal shopper. What I love more is helping others with coupons and things to buy. I am able to help you more this holiday season with a giveaway just for you ... So, what is a Personal Shopper: Personal Shopper by Shop Your Way is a free program where Personal Shoppers help you … [Read More...]


Save 25% on 24K Gold Collagen Face & Neck Mask Code: USFG25C or any order of $50 or more at www.MiBellaReina.com Code: USFG25 @usfg @mi_bella_reina

The Nancy Reagan 24K Gold Collagen Face & Neck Mask brings the luxury of a spa facial to your home. It is specially formulated to bring back the luster and dewy glow of your skin. The 24K collagen masks can be easily used at home and the results are visible on the face within just 10-20 minutes … [Read More...]


#crockpot spagetti squash with @DeiFratelli Ripened Recipe Contest

When I get a chance to cook and Mr. Fuggs and Foach doesn't prep my meals. I like to use my crockpot.  I also like EASY and fast meals that are healthy for my whole family . This is a low-carb, low calorie, organic, gluten free, dairy free recipe for anyone in your family. Need 1 … [Read More...]


#guacitforward Firehouse and Fiery Love

When Wholly Guacamole was doing #guacitforward I knew I could something to help right around the corner. You see I am lucky enough to live right near a busy fire house and some amazing Men and Woman support our community day in and day out. Wholly Guacamole has some HOT new flavors and we all … [Read More...]


#ChildrensAdvilSugarFree the only choice for the @fuggsandfoach house

The tag line I am a teacher by day, blogger by night and mom all over doesn't come out of no where. Being a teacher I am with children all and and often they become sick. Parent will tell me I will take them home and give them some Advil to settle the fever.  I myself will take Advil for my back at … [Read More...]

Flatten out your Health

Most often when woman hear mammogram they think the following. 1.  I am not old enough. 2. I really don't want to go . 3. I need to get there and get it done. Here is where I fall..  1  .... 2.... and 3.  You see for me I am in my 30's most will say you don't need a mammogram till the … [Read More...]

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FREE Museum Day 2014

The Smithsonian and many other museums around the US are participating in free museum day. This day is to help families far and wide access the museums but also bring awareness of the art, history, culture and fun that this type of trip can bring for people of all ages. Below are a list of … [Read More...]


Managing Light Bladder Leakage with Poise

Cracking up with your girlfriends. Exercising at the gym. Overcoming that pesky cold. Whatever the cause of your  leakage use Poise for worry-free protection throughout the day. Make the Clean&Fresh switch to Poise Liners to instantly absorb wetness and neutralize odor better than period liners. … [Read More...]


Great Wolf Lodge New England #gwlnewengland #gwlhowlidays #howlidaypreview #GWLHowlOWeen @greatwolflodge

Our family was asked to take a sneak peak at Great Wolf Lodge New England holiday extravaganza.  We started out evening with a "HowlOWeen" style entry with canvas bags that could be decorated, costumes to be paraded around and a lovely cast member handing out candy. What we found out is that … [Read More...]

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Libre Tea Glass Black Brush @libretea

Just like the 'little black dress' that goes everywhere so does our new Black trimmed LIbre tea glass. Its serene and delicate pattern of light brush strokes and small clusters of pale blossoms invites you into a tea moment every time you gaze at it. And now truly, a tea moment with basic black - … [Read More...]