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Vivia Formula ~ VF-360 Defense System

What if you could be healthy and help others be healthy too? What if you could gain some of the major vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants you needed? Then show everyone how radiant you feel and look.    The Vivia Formula ~ VF-360 Defense System is looking for you! They want people like … [Read More...]


Dry Mitt by Accurate Product Development

The  Dry Mitt by Accurate Product Development can drying your car, countertops, on your dog after a bath or as a bath wash cloth or towel. I remember having a cloth like tho when I swam , the Dry Mitt would be an easy add to any gym bag. The pool, the beach or as a sweat rag, this Dry Mitt can … [Read More...]

woolen dryer balls

Smart Sheep Dryer Balls

I was looking for a low cost but effective way to cut my dryer sheet out of my budget. I had heard about dryer balls but I was not sure what I should do?  I don't like wool seaters would I like woolen dryer balls? The cost was perfect at $17.95 for the Smart Sheep Dryer Balls . Smart Sheep Dryer … [Read More...]

Slammer Sauce BK Creamery

Slammer Sauce with BK Creamery Double Cream #ad

Being a BBQ cook off team we work with a wide variety of products. This also means we have the pleaser of trying many new products on the market. I recently went to an in store demo for BK Creamery  Double Cream at my local Stop and Shop. They showed a wide ranges of ways to use the product … [Read More...]

Apps Teens and Tweens Use

Do you know the Apps Teens and Tweens Use #vzwbuzz

Everyone knows  Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.   Do you REALLY the Apps Teens and Tweens Use?  You are starting to hear about Instagram and Tinder but do you know the rest of the apps on your teens phone? Do you really know the Apps Teens and Tweens Use? In this rapidly changing digital world, … [Read More...]

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SecuPower USB Charger 5 Port, 50W/10A

It’s near midnight and you and your spouse are fighting over a single power outlet near the bed. Although you’ve purchased a six plug extension cord conveniently located behind the bed-frame, multiple power cords of varying length are causing a nasty match of tug of war. With his and her tablets and … [Read More...]

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Kitchen Mastery Silicone BBQ Gloves

    I was looking for some silicone gloves to use with my smoker (big green egg), to handle hot grates etc. I loved the idea of having some with "fingers" instead of the "mittens" type so found and ordered these. They arrived on a SUNDAY due to amazon prime shipping, and I used … [Read More...]

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Great Aussie BBQ Grill Brush

The Secret to Cleaning Your Grill Quickly, Easily and Cheaply! Looking for a New Grill Brush But Want to Avoid These Common Problems? - Flimsy shaft bends under pressure.. - Bristles quickly flatten down and gum up with grease.. - Leaves scratch mark on your delicate porcelain coated grates.. - Burn … [Read More...]

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#yumms BBQ Grill Light

The BBQ Grill Light By YUMMS is a versatile task light that offers around-the-clock illumination using ten super-bright LED lights. These LEDs provide focused light and never need to be replaced! The BBQ Grill Light By YUMMS has a secure clamp that easily attaches to a variety of surfaces, making … [Read More...]

BK creamery

BK Creamery Double Cream a new cooking treat #ad

What if I could show you a product that was Gluten Free, Sugar Free AND Sodium Free?  What if I could show you a product that was all that and you could use it in your soups, pastas, baking and much more? What if I told you it was in your local store right now? You would this I was nuts. Right? … [Read More...]