How to Enjoy Cigars and where to buy the BEST @CigarMonster at @CigarAdvisor

By smoking a cigar too hurriedly you risk sacrificing the entire precious flavor. Some purists argue that a minute should be allowed to pass in between each puff to guarantee that the tobacco isn’t overheated. So relax, kick your feet up; you’re going to be here for a while. Concentrate on holding … [Read More...]

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Smoked Tri-Tip on the Rec-Tec

  We were recently at a BBQ Joint near our house. This place had Tri-Tip not something very common in the North East.  We spoke to the BBQ Joint owner and he sold us a Tri-tip for about $4.49 a pound. This is a cheaper cut a of meat and often needs to be marinated to smoked for long … [Read More...]

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Thermal-Aid Zoo Animals

The Thermal-Aid heating and cooling packs are engineered to eliminate pain and swelling from arthritis, sports injuries, and more. These products range in size and can be used as hot or cold therapy packs. The packs can be heated in the microwave and cooled in the freezer and are made from 100% … [Read More...]

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Home Spa Spray

    Facebook  Website   When you think Relaxation you think you need to leave the home go to a spa and spend 200-300 for just a small amount of time .  I also know that Lavender is KEY to the way you relax and also is a great sleep aid . Sometimes dried lavender has an … [Read More...]

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The Original Toy Company #holidagiftidea @TheOriginalToy #madeinnewengland

                                                                      This sturdy wooden nuts and bolts set is an ideal way for children who may not enjoy 'traditional' fine motor workouts to practice their motor skills and hand / eye coordination, … [Read More...]


@ToeJuice ***New and Improved *** #GetToeJuice #ToeJuice #Footcare #Rewards

Toe Juice. When I heard about Toe Juice, I thought it must be some kind of joke. I mean seriously… someone wants me to review Toe Juice? …TOE JUICE? My first reaction was what the heck is it?  This is my second time reviewing this product and this time  I received the HEAD TO TOE FAMILY PACK runs … [Read More...]

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Ann and Hope Curtain and Bath Outlet #madeinnewengland #ri @projo @curtainbath

Find them all over the web and social media    I grew up in Plainville MA and until the mid 90's the area was known for cows and eye glass repair... Now we are known for being the town between Emerald Square Mall and the Wrentham Outlets. Growing up in 80's an 90's in a small town we … [Read More...]


@ReStringIt a moms dream come true to save clothes

UGH it is Saturaday morning and you want you favoriae hoodie.. You go to pull the string to tighten it around your head with a bowl on cereal and coffee  ... BOOOOOOOO the string came out..   UGH Your husband loves his gym shorts and they went through the dyer and the string came out... BOOOOO … [Read More...]

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@Flowfold #madeinewnegland #holidaygiftidea

WEB FACEBOOK TWITER YOUTUBE   I  bought several other wallets trying to find one just like the one I used to have in high school and college, none of them came close until this one! The ones I've had in the past were nylon but more like how fanny packs are, not cheap nylon that … [Read More...]


Wyman’s of Maine Gluten Free Muffins @WymansFruit #gf #organic #dairyfree #healthy #green

We are trying  be dairy free because my husband found out he has a dairy issue. I also like to be gluten free for my son who has some mild allergy issues. Then I also like to make sure the meals we make are power packed and FULL of everything they need for my little ones.   So when Wyman’s of … [Read More...]