Protected: Tears of Autism : When a whole classroom of knows it is YOUR kid

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California Delicious #holidaygiftguide #madeintheusa @CalDelicious

We often need to get a gift basket for our bosses at holiday times. I never know where to go. I never know what to get. I also have a hard time spending $200 because often what comes in the gift basket is not even worth $20. I recently found California Delicious  they are a company based in … [Read More...]


SmartMax toys #hoidaygiftguide #stem @smartmax_eu

Being a teacher I prefer to have a level of creativity and independence for our students. I also try to introduce toys in the classroom that have no TV characters and is very open ended to promote creativity . I recently found SmartMax Toys. They are magnetic shapes with a ball to connect to the … [Read More...]

LSHIAPMP meaning - what does LSHIAPMP stand for?

A rushing river of lady part issues.

I am 30 or 40 something. I have a few children and I pee myself!  Now that is not hard to admit since MOST woman after the age for 30 so this on a regular basis. It's true and really hard to deny.  I gave birth to 2 boy pretty much back to back.  I pushed so hard my head almost popped.   Now some … [Read More...]


Self Help made easy by Kids Zip Sheets

My kids love to help me clean around the house. Often I have to redo what they do but I don't mine because they are learning a valuable self help skill.  Bed making is so hard.  How can I get them involved?? Let’s say your child is three. You’ve noticed he tags along by your side as you … [Read More...]

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All the stockings were hung……#holidays

This year my children are asking a few questions about santa.  They are 5 and 6 after all. They started ask why don't we have a chimney? How will santa get into our house and how will santa know who's stockings are who's. All valid questions for young minds.  I knew I needed a solution to our … [Read More...]

@EdavilleUSA’s #Christmas #Festival of #Lights #fol

  Experience the magic of 7 millions lights and priceless memories Carver, Mass: Edaville’s Christmas Festival of Lights is arguably the most­loved festival of its kind, having earned generations of loyal fans. Passengers relax comfortably in warm and dry coaches while riding … [Read More...]

@EdavilleUSA is proud to play host to the #PolarExpress this #holidayseason.

  Do you believe? All Aboard the Polar ExpressTM at Edaville USA Carver, Mass: Edaville USA­­ inspired by the run­away hit movie, Polar ExpressTM the holiday favorite returns to Edaville USA on specific dates from November 21­ December 30, reservations required. Set to the sounds of the … [Read More...]

@EdavilleUSA kicks of Festival of Lights with #Carver Appreciation Weekend

  All proceeds will be donated to the Carver Fire Department Carver, Mass: Edaville announces Carver Appreciation Weekend November 21­23, with all proceeds donated to the Carver Fire Departments, jaws of Life program. Christmas Festival of Lights is arguably the most­loved festival of its … [Read More...]

@EdavilleUSA kicks off Festival of Lights with #Military Appreciation Weekend

Edaville USA kicks off Festival of Lights with Military Appreciation Weekend Carver, Mass: Edaville USA is pleased to announce Military Appreciation Weekend, November 21­23. During the holiday season, Edaville transforms into a magical winter wonderland. Passengers can relax comfortably in warm … [Read More...]