#MeetTheCubs #DisneynatureBears opens tomorrow April 18th!

Anyone looking for a fun family activity over the holiday weekend, Disneynature’s BEARS opens in theatres everywhere tomorrow!  Most of the school are off around here for Good Friday . Why not see this super cute movie!   Before you go take a peak at all the amazing clips, images, fun facts and … [Read More...]

#Disney Planes Print and Play #easter #homeschool 7/18/14

April Vacation has sprung and there may be some rain. Why not print out these supper cute worksheets and crafts for those rainy days. I grabbed them today for a long car ride tomorrow and markers in tow  .. Enjoy them and let me know what you think. PLANES: FIRE & RESCUE opens in theaters … [Read More...]


Duck pops #Easter #babyshower

I like to give my kids in my class a spring duck for April Vacation. Sometimes I like to bake when I have no classroom allergies.  This year I did a ducky cup cakes. This year I took on Duck Pops. I will say this is not easy to do and does take some time but look at these little ducks.  They are … [Read More...]


#Maleficent #disney opens everywhere May 30th

Elle Fanning stopped by Disneyland to share some footage from MALEFICENT . Since she plays the character of Aurora, Elle took photos in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle. I can only wish I could feel that magic some day of the Castle Sleeping Beauty.  The photos are just elegant.. Since I was a … [Read More...]


52 Chances to Win an Australian Vacation!

52 Chances to Win an Australian Vacation! Greetings! Have you heard about Australia Someday? This is a brand new promotion hosted by Virgin Australia Airlines, Delta Airlines and Tourism Australia where you can enter to win 1 of 52 Australian vacations (52 chances to win)! A … [Read More...]


Running on Air #bostonstrong

Tomorrow is a day I will never forget.  Much like 9/11  where I was what I was doing. On  4/15 I will always remember where I was, what happened and how I found out.  We are in the Last Stretch and final sprint .. Tomorrow marks 1- year since "the bombing" but we are at Heart Break Hill and headed … [Read More...]



With baseball season and little league starting things you your little slugger do they have an arm?  Or are you the coach of the year that can fire one past home plate? Maybe you work with a high schooler that has a bashing bat.  Think what $1 million  would do for a family and young … [Read More...]


Buddy Fruits and Thomas Trouble on the Tracks Review #organic #glutenfree #gf

After a long week at work we love our Saturday Movie nights. I also don't always want the boys munch on chips or popcorn. I love that Buddy-Fruits has some amazing Blended Fruit & Vegetables pouches and some cute dessert style Jiggle Gels. My kids think it is dessert and I know it is … [Read More...]


Aqua Spa Bath

Aqua Spa allows you to have a great boost of moisture throughout the day. The scented blends allow you to relax and take a load off for some ME TIME.  They offer  anti-aging marine minerals and aromatherapy fragrances. The special part is that Aqua Spa products  made in the U.S.A. and thoughtfully … [Read More...]


The Smoking Gun Indoor Smoker and Grilled Shrimp Gazpacho

Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a plate full of succulent, mouth watering, fall off the bone, ribs? Create that same wonderful smell and flavor in your own home. The wonderful taste of fantastic smoked BBQ is only beaten, when you do it yourself.  Now you have the opportunity to not … [Read More...]