Peekapak an Educators Dream come true

So often today children have lost a level of imagination that was once had. I don't know if it is more technology or if it more focus on school. But I find children lost when they are given a pile of blocks or baby dolls with no props.  There is a new way to create that skill of imagination again.. … [Read More...]

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The Pencil Grip Inc.

Website                                                                                                                Learning or relearning how to write, hold a fork or even use a tablet is often hard for some people. This could be because they  may have weak … [Read More...]


Keter @ketertweets #holidaygiftguide

We were asked as part of a holiday review for Keter.  Keter is  one of the world’s leading manufacturers and marketers of resin-based household and garden consumer products. A one-stop-shop for plastic storage, organization products and furniture, Keter strongly believes in improving people’s daily … [Read More...]

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@gourmetnut they are NUTS about #Health and #Flavor

Gourmet Nut Website "Like" Gourmet Nut on Facebook Follow Gourmet Nut on Twitter Instgram with them Cold weather is rolling in and I love to snack.  I mean, I snack a lot! We also like to lead a low carb and healthy lifestyle.  This is where I found that Gourmet Nut fits perfectly!  I can … [Read More...]


@Mucinex the cold season remedy for kids is #ChildrensMucinex

I can't tell you how many times a day I have to tell my students to wash their hands.  I tend to bring an extra coffee mug during coffee season because  between playing in dirt and coughs and sneezes I want to avoid colds and being sick this winter that and I am tried of saying WASH YOUR HANDS. … [Read More...]

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Homemade BBQ Sauce from @RedGoldTomatoes

When we are cooking sauce or bbq items. Tomatoes are KEY to most of what we make and need. Red Pack tomatoes are the ONLY tomatoes we will use. The reason is the fresh ingredients used to make sauces and also the freshness of the canned tomatoes . We start our BBQ Sauce with only the … [Read More...]

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Teacher picks and Mom pick for the BEST #FreeKidsApps and #MomBuzz #techsavy

Kids Academy Kindergarten Learning App  ( FREE)           I am a preschool teacher. I am often asked what apps a child should be using at the preschool level. This app is perfect for children who want to learn number recognition as well as other … [Read More...]


#LGOLED @LGUS #blackfriday #holidaygift #tech #sale

It is that time of year when people think NEW TV's  Black Friday . This past week I went to an event with LG in Boston.  After an overview of what LG has to offer where LG is headed in the industry of high tech. We got to see the HOTTEST new TV's on the market . The LG  has rolled out a new … [Read More...]


How to Enjoy Cigars and where to buy the BEST @CigarMonster at @CigarAdvisor

By smoking a cigar too hurriedly you risk sacrificing the entire precious flavor. Some purists argue that a minute should be allowed to pass in between each puff to guarantee that the tobacco isn’t overheated. So relax, kick your feet up; you’re going to be here for a while. Concentrate on holding … [Read More...]

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Smoked Tri-Tip on the Rec-Tec

  We were recently at a BBQ Joint near our house. This place had Tri-Tip not something very common in the North East.  We spoke to the BBQ Joint owner and he sold us a Tri-tip for about $4.49 a pound. This is a cheaper cut a of meat and often needs to be marinated to smoked for long … [Read More...]